Wednesday, March 12, 2014

please name that politician

A lebanese politician has participated in illegal organ traffic in spain.

my brother sent me this article today .
according to major spanish publication, El Pais, a wealthy lebanese male politician, 61, with liver problems, travelled to spain for treatment. he then looked for a suitable donor outside his family (illegal under spanish law to prevent buying/selling of organs, you know, human organ traffic?).
most of those who underwent the compatibility tests were poor or irregular migrants, organ trafficking being just another way for the rich of this world to take advantage of the poor, in this case by taking parts of them, parts of their bodies.
luckily for our politician, they found a matching donor. only one, but you only need one. he was ready to pay 40 000 euros (55,400$) until he met the person. turns out his potential donor was a woman so he refused, according to el pais, because that is not in accordance with Islam.

my question is: name the politician?
clues so far:

  • a man
  • currently in office
  • 61 years old
  • had liver problems
  • has no problem buying livers
  • has no problem buying livers just not from women
  • as ghaith pointed out: has at least one son
the story ends well however for our politician; his son finally travelled to spain and donated part of his liver. i guess he was just trying to avoid having his son sacrifice for him, thinking it was better to buy part of some poor man's liver. 

five men linked with this and other human organ trafficking crimes were arrested.

another spanish news website says a lebanese was among those arrested, though my bet is that it was the middleman, not the politician himself.