Sunday, February 9, 2014

i don't like the police

i don't like the police (or army, or secret service, or any security apparatus) and i don't like them snooping around people's business. 

but i do think they have a responsibility towards the people. well it's not that i think that, they simply do have a responsibility towards the people, that's the reason they are getting paid. 
i think the police (and the army, and the secret service and any security apparatus) fail every time there is a major breach in security, and lebanon has been seeing a lot of those lately. 5 bombs in the first 5 weeks of 2014. 

our minister of interior, Marwan Charbel, actually said/tweeted that the issue of suicide bombers can not be solved by regular security plans, instead, he prefers awareness campaigns (don't drink and bomb? al tefjir mouderr wa qad you2addi ila amrad mouzmina?)

"موضوع الانتحاريين لا يُعالج بالخطط الامنية العادية، والمفروض ان تُعالج بتوجيهات سواء كان بالمساجد او بالدروس وبرامج اعلامية"

See, this is kind of saying it is not his responsibility to fix it, not his job to prevent it, not the security apparatus's failure every time there is a bomb.

what we should work for, hope for, build for, is a society that does not create individuals who feel the need to resort to violence, who feel it justifiable to give up their life if it means taking others', who feel that blowing themselves (or people) up is the way to be heard. this means a complete rethinking and restructuring of the society from its core, a rethinking of the economy, the media, the educational and cultural systems, etc... once we manage to get there, and i need to believe we will, there will finally be no need for the police (or the minister of interior even). until then, i do not believe it is counterproductive if they either did their job of keeping a minimum of security or admitted that they are failing at what they are designed to do.