Monday, June 20, 2011

grab your bag if you can relate

i was starting to think it's just me, that my new project illustrating and animating Salwa is making me see sexual harassment everywhere. but no! today bloggers and tweeps (#endSH) from Lebanon, Egypt, Syria, and am sure other countries are saying it happens a lot. more importantly they are saying that does NOT make it normal. and it certainly does not mean we should just "let it slide".

if you too believe in the fight against sexual harassment in public spaces, the workplace, schools and even at home join the Salwa fight.
if you don't, check out the website; you will.

also check out these suggestions on how to respond to sexual harassment (i personally can't wait to try out the last two).

minted ice-cream on your hearts my friends, and may the universe in its infinite wisdom smite the idiots.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

the mere act of posting about it kills it (i hope)

i wish there were some secret formula to solve this... i wish there were some deeply moving experience i could share... sadly there isn't. the only way i know to kill this is to actually START SOMETHING. i know, i know, doesn't sound like much of an advice... so here's a better one: whatever you do, do NOT spend 7 hours watching videos online on how to avoid procrastination, how to put off procrastination, or how to cure procrastination with emotional freedom. really. don't.

or... just go out with friends (...)
so cheerz people! have a great week and margarita-and-stuff. X