Wednesday, May 4, 2011

i hate goodbyes

but i'm not sad... because who needs unlimited texting, unlimited calls and unlimited internet for 50$ a month? i personally think it's bad for you...
yeah right...
i'm actually not sad because starting saturday night i will be partaaayyyaaaan with my crew in beirut citaaaaaaaayyyy and that's worth all the technology, connectivity, organization and government provided comfort in the world!!!!! (or at least am sure i will believe that after a dozen doodoo shots)

so see you this weekend, and till then peace and bunnies and raindrops on roses to you.


  1. It's funny I get the same sort of separation anxiety whenever I leave my ubiquitous iPhone connectivity to go to Lebanon..

    It takes time for me to get used to the fact that in Lebanon, when I'm say in a supermarket, I can't immediately look up a new product and see if its got good or bad reviews, or that I can't download my podcasts on the go or listen to streaming radio..

    Ah well,

  2. welcome back :)

  3. Hi Myra
    Sent you a Facebook message about doing a Q&A about your blog. Please let me know asap what you think. Merci :)