Monday, March 7, 2011

small talk and american coffee don't blend well

light conversation...
it's a small world after all, no?i touched a picasso btwsouad
her name is Souad by the way (Guidé Par Souad, get it? get it?)

but ey! it's not just me! i mean i have met some pretty weird americans! like that dude at the burger joint who after introducing himself asked me "what's your deepest fear" (erm... euuuh...) or my neighbor in new york who buys fruits online from the small shop that's on our block (!) ...etc..

so... am definitely homesick... i never knew i could miss being around lebanese people...

Good thing there's social media! i mean besides toppling regimes, rendering traditional commercialized media irrelevant and such, it serves the great purpose of keeping you connected to everything and everyone! you can instantly know it's raining in beirut, your friend is going to zwz for lunch, that another hates his ex -again- or that a third is "reaaally" enjoying her honeymoon (TMI btw).
i hope it could also save me (and the US) from a very possible nervous breakdown... i don't know how long i can stop myself from singing Fayrouz's "nassam 3alayna al hawa" or "kifak inta" on the top of my lungs in the subway in the morning (i already caught myself humming mashrou3 leila songs in public, but that's another story).

peace and labneh on your hearts my friends!

ps: if you (or anyone you know) live around boston and are interested in visiting the mfa, i got free tickets for next weekend :)