Monday, January 24, 2011

it actually depends on what you mean by "greener"

what is going on in Lebanon? it's like i barely turn my back on you for a second and the country goes to flames (at times even literally)!!!

are we going back to 2005? camping out to boot the syrians out of the government? wait who is in the government? wayniyyi l dawle?

i am now in snow-covered Boston (anyone here i could talk to?) but all i can think about is: "damn! i could have made a fortune selling my car's wheels!!" and all the heated political debates i am missing out on! and i love those! all the drama, the excitement, the action, the hope, loss of hope, and then struggle ... cause if you're Lebanese then that's just what you do...

*sighs* the US is so boring that way... they all drive carefully, go to work and school regularly, are cheerful and nice, not one protest, not one interesting fight not even a teeny weeny blocked road to spice up my plans... i am not sure how long i can survive here...

i'll just keep on sipping my american american coffee with my boston boston cream and stare at the snow while feeling left out of the action...
you guys take care, and lots of wine, red and white, to get you through the night...


  1. I love the twitter birdy :)
    na na naaaaaaaaaa na we have no govt and ur in boston ! yeah...not working :p

  2. Could say the same from my seat in Dubai, minus the snow of course!

  3. I knew it! You Lebs just love the excitement of conflict. Still, peace has the odd advantage...

  4. I like the Poem: "i'll just keep on sipping...the night"

    i suggest you go to c the American president and tell him your part of the story.

    and thank you for sending some snow over to Lebanon.

  5. wht r u doin in boston?

  6. ouh you guys are so nice am blushing!

    @ginger beirut... well... didn't you move to beirut exactly for that excitement? :D

    @habib: i'll try to fit the president into my plans, but you know, i'm so busy i doubt i can make time for him...

    @naylaz... well i don't really know... what were you doing in china?