Monday, November 21, 2011

wake up and smell the café

... ok... soooo... yeah... i just... woke up here... ok no...
i am currently in france, decided to resume my studies and am now studying in an ecole superieure des beaux arts (sounds fancy, huh?)
and i really feel like i cheated on lebanon, for today, is the lebanese independence day, which commemorates the independence from france justement...
but i swear it's not like that! we're just friends! (well... kinda... i barely even know her yet, you know?)

well... happy independence day lebanon... or as mustafa from beirut spring put it, happy "lebanese national day".

and people, those of you currently there, give lebanon a huge sloppy wet kiss from me... i'll pay you back... euuuh...

Monday, June 20, 2011

grab your bag if you can relate

i was starting to think it's just me, that my new project illustrating and animating Salwa is making me see sexual harassment everywhere. but no! today bloggers and tweeps (#endSH) from Lebanon, Egypt, Syria, and am sure other countries are saying it happens a lot. more importantly they are saying that does NOT make it normal. and it certainly does not mean we should just "let it slide".

if you too believe in the fight against sexual harassment in public spaces, the workplace, schools and even at home join the Salwa fight.
if you don't, check out the website; you will.

also check out these suggestions on how to respond to sexual harassment (i personally can't wait to try out the last two).

minted ice-cream on your hearts my friends, and may the universe in its infinite wisdom smite the idiots.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

the mere act of posting about it kills it (i hope)

i wish there were some secret formula to solve this... i wish there were some deeply moving experience i could share... sadly there isn't. the only way i know to kill this is to actually START SOMETHING. i know, i know, doesn't sound like much of an advice... so here's a better one: whatever you do, do NOT spend 7 hours watching videos online on how to avoid procrastination, how to put off procrastination, or how to cure procrastination with emotional freedom. really. don't.

or... just go out with friends (...)
so cheerz people! have a great week and margarita-and-stuff. X

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

i hate goodbyes

but i'm not sad... because who needs unlimited texting, unlimited calls and unlimited internet for 50$ a month? i personally think it's bad for you...
yeah right...
i'm actually not sad because starting saturday night i will be partaaayyyaaaan with my crew in beirut citaaaaaaaayyyy and that's worth all the technology, connectivity, organization and government provided comfort in the world!!!!! (or at least am sure i will believe that after a dozen doodoo shots)

so see you this weekend, and till then peace and bunnies and raindrops on roses to you.

Monday, April 4, 2011

motivational poster

hang in there motivational poster***disclaimer: as it is m3alla2 3a kahrebtel dawle, the light at the end of the tunnel ma bidour 3al moteur***

quick thanks to my not-so-evil twin boudy (from body wotwat)

Monday, March 7, 2011

small talk and american coffee don't blend well

light conversation...
it's a small world after all, no?i touched a picasso btwsouad
her name is Souad by the way (Guidé Par Souad, get it? get it?)

but ey! it's not just me! i mean i have met some pretty weird americans! like that dude at the burger joint who after introducing himself asked me "what's your deepest fear" (erm... euuuh...) or my neighbor in new york who buys fruits online from the small shop that's on our block (!) ...etc..

so... am definitely homesick... i never knew i could miss being around lebanese people...

Good thing there's social media! i mean besides toppling regimes, rendering traditional commercialized media irrelevant and such, it serves the great purpose of keeping you connected to everything and everyone! you can instantly know it's raining in beirut, your friend is going to zwz for lunch, that another hates his ex -again- or that a third is "reaaally" enjoying her honeymoon (TMI btw).
i hope it could also save me (and the US) from a very possible nervous breakdown... i don't know how long i can stop myself from singing Fayrouz's "nassam 3alayna al hawa" or "kifak inta" on the top of my lungs in the subway in the morning (i already caught myself humming mashrou3 leila songs in public, but that's another story).

peace and labneh on your hearts my friends!

ps: if you (or anyone you know) live around boston and are interested in visiting the mfa, i got free tickets for next weekend :)

Monday, February 14, 2011

it's just like any other day, so why not today?

valentines yeay
valentines meh
frankly my dear

gooey myra
i know, i know, some matters are meant to be personal, but hey! blogging is all about going public with private matters!

Monday, January 24, 2011

it actually depends on what you mean by "greener"

what is going on in Lebanon? it's like i barely turn my back on you for a second and the country goes to flames (at times even literally)!!!

are we going back to 2005? camping out to boot the syrians out of the government? wait who is in the government? wayniyyi l dawle?

i am now in snow-covered Boston (anyone here i could talk to?) but all i can think about is: "damn! i could have made a fortune selling my car's wheels!!" and all the heated political debates i am missing out on! and i love those! all the drama, the excitement, the action, the hope, loss of hope, and then struggle ... cause if you're Lebanese then that's just what you do...

*sighs* the US is so boring that way... they all drive carefully, go to work and school regularly, are cheerful and nice, not one protest, not one interesting fight not even a teeny weeny blocked road to spice up my plans... i am not sure how long i can survive here...

i'll just keep on sipping my american american coffee with my boston boston cream and stare at the snow while feeling left out of the action...
you guys take care, and lots of wine, red and white, to get you through the night...