Saturday, December 11, 2010

remember grasshopper, happiness is a way of travel not a destination

*sighs* remember buses??? *another snobby sigh*

sooo... remember when it barely rained for half a day last week? well i managed to find the slipperiest of roads and crash my car (i'm that good)
hence, i was back to buses... bus rides, bus music, and bus drivers driving according to bus logic (apparently any other bus within sight is the enemy and whoever approaches the people standing by the road first gets an extra point or something)

so this here today goes out to my brother, and all those who, like him, have to take a bus (or worse! a minivan!) to work or uni every day... may the force of the hot-chocolate-and-marshmallow cheer you up and keep your karma sane...

ouh and it's raining now!!!(like shar3iyan raining) we can finally start to feel the christmassiness fall upon us!


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  2. Imagine yourself getting in a bus from Tripoli to Jounieh, with that bus having a TV (eh eh, ktir fekhem) ... BUT the bus driver decides switching from an action movie (forgot what it was), to a sahret ra2s w fa2sh in Syria, with a sweating one-man-show singer shouting each other second "3asha bashar al assad", and some pseudo-drunk fat ladies with tight cloth dancing in some sick manner, and a horny camera man who thinks is shooting a porn movie.
    Oh, and it seemed every 40+ person in the bus (ya3neh 99% of the bus population) were turned on by that.

    An experience I still can't erase from my mind :)

  3. hahhahahaaaa!
    i wonder which percentage you belong to...:P

    i think we should create an organization to support traumatized bus riders, style Bus Riders Anonymous aw moutadaminoun dawra-jounieh-jbeil aw shi...

    do think there are uglier stories out there?
    a friend of mine got hit on once by a charming old creep who started tickling her with his pinky finger...