Thursday, November 25, 2010

my very own personal cliché shopkeeper lady

it's just that she wants what's best for me... i get it... she is spending her days worrying about us young people living on our own... i only wish she had called my mom, it's a waste to have two people worrying about the same thing...

a while back i illustrated a story about a shop-owner (al baqal) but that one was nice and clueless...
and after that brief self-promotion, you should go now... the world awaits something minted-chocolaty today, spread the joy to thousands of old folks with nothing good to watch on tv! (but get your own old folks, huh! don't try to steal my shopkeeper lady!)

and for once, i mean it: cheerz!


  1. love love love it!
    and Cheerz! :D

  2. ktiiiiiiiir 7elo :):):):) hahaha da7aktine:-)

    mwaaaaaaaah Myra

    Cousintik Christelle :-)

  3. *titeeeeele!! thaaaaaanks!!! (yeay fi 3alam be belgika bye2ro l blog taba3e!!! woooooooooooooow!!! *pause* too much pressure!!! too much pressure!!:P:P)

    *charles shaaanksh!^_^

    (u2hum.... i don't sanks to sanks, but i'd like to sanks my mommy, my daddy, my brozer, my sister, teta eugenie w tane rose w ... w ... w ...)

  4. ya3ni halla2 batalt 23tal ham!!!!!!!!!

  5. hahahahah! u're funny!"*pause* too much pressure!!! too much pressure!!:P:P)"