Sunday, September 5, 2010

and then there is Lisa Cuddy

and it is possible. we can do it all. and even if at some points it gets the best of our sanity. or our blog.

i've been running on overdrive ever since my last post.
but look at it this way: i now have many many things to blog about, many projects i can tell you about! and i promise, there's nothing boring about any of them.

haven't slept in days, so i won't be long...
tomorrow is the opening of Fashion Daze by Made for Beirut and Bachar and i have teamed up to show the world just how dazed we can be.
no wait that was "dazzling"

tomorrow i will show you the making-of and final result of our first eva collaboration (well aside from bachar's self-portrait in uni, his still life projects and most of my sculptures).
for now these are our official pictures for the event, in case you happen to pass by and try to look for us :)


  1. someone is blogging again :D

    Best of luck
    Hope today will be dazzling!