Monday, August 2, 2010

Wednesday: Laser Eyes

mira/myra before and after the laser eye surgery
yes!! it finally happened! i can see!
wednesday i went to the hospital with 12 degrees of myopia and one super-slim cornea.
i left with super-dark, movie-star sunglasses and what is now perfect eyesight.

i was so scared! anno the thought of someone playing around with your eyes is not easy, but, as it turns out it was a really quick simple procedure.
how laser eye surgery goes

i now feel i have superpowers!!laser vision treatment


  1. WOW!
    Do you, like, have x-ray vision now and, like, can see under people's clothes or somethin'??
    Huh?? huh??? HUH?!?!?
    Cause that would be awesome!

  2. yes HUH
    even if they're not in the same room.
    and my eyes turn black when i see blood and girls on their periods.

  3. i can see clearly now the pain has gone

  4. i thought i was the one obsessed with vampires...
    i'm losing ground here as the crazy obsessee...
    and myrz, could you please post that pic with the procedure again, only with darker text...?
    pretty please?

  5. Can anyone have those superpowers?!... can they? can they?
    @Sandra: why? what's wrong with the procedure pic?.. it's crystal clear!...

  6. hehehehe! u're super funny :D:D
    can u also c wht's on people's mind :P