Sunday, July 25, 2010

is there anybody out there?

yeah i know it's long overdue, but here are some videos from the concert.
interesting thing is they brought the syrian symphonic orchestra (where was the Lebanese one?) and a syrian rapper (well that i understand... he reminded me a lot of Del the Ghost Rapper from the video) anyway, am trying to figure out the words for his rap section... help? anyone?

Gorillaz in Lebanon, miraey! don't go deducing that i spent my time clubbing and attending concerts (and drooling over other 2D people... *sighs*2-D *sighs*)! far from that! i wasn't even able to watch the other major concert of the week (mashrouh leila *more sighs*) because i was (well still am) trying to finish all my work before wednesday...
on that, i shall leave you... till wednesday... fingers crossed for wednesday!!! more about wednesday on wednesday! (or thursday, most probably)


  1. gd lk 4 wednesday then :D

  2. awwww ... ddnt know that you were THAT touched by the fact that I'm traveling on Wednesday :D
    ma3leh kella jem3a w berja3 :)

  3. thanks NaylaZ!!!
    aaaaaa3 wednesday is in less than 24 hours!!!
    (charles? do you really think i would panic over you traveling? if anything i should be happy that i will become mum's favorite! for a week! probably after laura! but still...

  4. after Wednesday you'll have no excuse not to notice the missing )...