Friday, June 18, 2010


no caption
sometimes around midnight things don't make sense...

ok am too ... erm... what's my excuse again? well whatever who cares... point is, can you come up with a caption for this? something to make it seem like it's actually saying something?
what? what do you get in return? euuuh... well come up with a caption and we'll see...

totally unrelated, my awesome friend Bach (with whom i made a deal) sent me this awesome song. check it out... but i warn you: no matter how tempted you are, lyrics from this song can in no way be used as captions for the above picture!

and may the greatness of bunnies and other fluffiness envelop you tonight.


  1. i went to an art exhibition a while ago, and there were different paintings of different things with totally irrelevant titles.
    Following in that "logic", possible captions
    1. life, the roses, and good coffee
    2. dancing with honey while the bees watch
    3. wonderful terribleness of laughter & innocence


  2. 1- Where's Laura When You Need Her?
    2- Flying With Pink Elephants
    3- Too Sexy for Ma Skirt
    4- Are You Actually Reading These?
    5- Oh Come On You Seriously Should Stop!

  3. I am reading these and, seriously, am impressed with the talent here!... well almost impressed... because i knew you can do it!
    on monday a panel of international impartial judges will convene in an undisclosed supersecret location to decide which caption to adopt... till then... suspense!

  4. .1.i can see clearly now, the rain has gone
    .2.Balanced on knives
    .3.bzyede 2 khalas

    - note for history: i commented -

  5. i promised myself i'd suggest just one caption, giving it just one shot! but...
    1) "how to change a light bulb" for dummies
    2) beer and apple pie
    3) i hope i make the deadline
    4) who moved my mac?!

    *plugging ears, and hiding under the table*

  6. 1-ouiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
    2-why does everything seem so red.
    3-what is my price?