Thursday, June 24, 2010

now pose! pose! pose!

Bash tricked me into going with him on a day-long photoshoot in the murderous sun of jiyeh.
it was a looong fashion shoot with 6 models. however it was somewhat beneficial:
  • i learned female models have smaller boobs than mine (just when you thought it was physically impossible)
  • male models sometimes wear women's jeans size 38 hence am not fat
  • i want to become an art director when i grow up
  • people in the fashion work start drinking vodka at 11 am
  • i want to become an art director when i grow up
so i spent some time sketching the shiny happy people...

it was an overall stylish day where i felt cool-chic, trendy, fashionable and oh so perfect.

well almost...


  1. hehehe i wanted to be an art director too ever since we worked on the RC new recruitment poster! Is there anything more fulfilling than bossing people around?! *sigh*

  2. u forgot to mention the parking surcharge and me paying for gas....u forgot that

    you forgot

  3. bachar yes, cause if i do remember that i can no longer make you feel guilty and secretly laugh at you.
    Janine, this is sooo true! i am trying to explore if it could become a replacement for vodka. maybe we could open a pub where people would go and pay to get a team to boss around (a shot would be just one person and a cocktail would involve models and photographers etc)