Sunday, May 9, 2010

friends don't make fun of friends cars

unless they're ... how should i put this delicately.... ORANGE!!
yes... janine is now the -not so?- proud owner of an orange car... so in an effort to get over my shock and make peace with fifi, i made her a little gift...

2 variations ... i finally settled for the wuzzier one, knowing her and all...
so this is what it became:
janine, this is mainly for you to see the originals, however if you feel there are lots of people out there reading my blog and you feel miss abdou would mind, i can remove it... if you ask nicely...
(now i kinda want you to ask me to delete it... )


  1. i AM proud to have fifi!
    Yes, the orange car's name is FIFI!
    So when r we gonna get together to drink this??
    (not tonight, cause tomorrow 3endeh rendu sculpture)
    FIFI sends u her best regards.

  2. and i am proud of you for being proud.
    and then we will all be proud together.
    fifi, you, me, and vodka...

    wanna race?

  3. Mercedes Laff Diesel owns you all !

  4. wait a minute...just by chance i clicked this here link to open these here comments, and uncovered a plot between myrz and janine to drink vodka alone?
    Walla shou?

  5. noooo honey!!! akid la2!! why would we?? we'll sit on the front porch all night, and stars will ean down to kiss you as we all drink the vodka and count the parking lots.

    janine, we should stop making our super-secret plans online. i think distracting her with happy thoughts worked this time, bas am running out of tricks.