Friday, April 2, 2010

je saoud, tu saoud, nous saoudons

i am asked to work on a project for saoudi schools.
it goes something like this:

actually i wish it did... that would have been more fun to do.

should i do it?
would you take on a project that's not fun, not your style, and very time consuming? would you do it just for the money? or is it not worth it?


  1. well... i cant really imagine what u got urself into...
    But if it were me, i wouldn't do it just for the money. Cause then i would feel cheap.
    Wait a minute! Who am i kidding?? I WOULD just do it for the money!... enno, gheleh el benzine... badna n3eesh... wayniyyyi l dawleh?!

  2. oh you WOULD??? i am so surprised ra7 estaghrib!:P

    ps: someone told me l dawleh bl centreville.

  3. just when u thought u were alone ... :)