Sunday, December 26, 2010

if this statement is true, then Santa Claus exists

and he sees you when you're sleeping too....

initially my contribution to a very reasonable conspiracy theory by body wotwat (check it out, go ahead, i won't mind)

i hope you all had your dose of cinnamon-covered family time... merry christmas with loads of love and peace and christmas wine!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

you are cordially invited etc.

as the great wise white rabbit once said; "I'm late, I'm late, I'm late!"
but at least this once am not too late... so you don't really have an excuse... except maybe that you don't have/know/are not a 9-year old kid.
sooo... tomorrow, during the Beirut Book Fair, i will be at the Asala stand signing 2 of the children books i illustrated
(and who knows... maybe i just might sign some boobs... maybe you should come after all)

and... sticking to being late, these are long overdue sketches i made during the Blogging Lebanon event a week ago (organised by the AUBoc)... if you recognize yourself and hate it, it means 1: someone other than my mom is reading my blog, and 2: there was barely any light on stage while you were speaking (and 3: i didn't like you and tried to hurt you by drawing you ugly but now have repented cause this is christmas and will do anything to make it up in time for santa to put me back on the good girls list)

sketch 1 from blogging lebanonsketch 2 from blogging lebanonsketch 3 from blogging lebanonsketch 4 from blogging lebanon

and now i run off to join the crowds of cheering, jeering, bailey's revering christmas shoppers, 3a2bel l 3eyzin :D

"No wonder you're late. Why, this watch is exactly two days slow."- Mad Hatter

Saturday, December 11, 2010

remember grasshopper, happiness is a way of travel not a destination

*sighs* remember buses??? *another snobby sigh*

sooo... remember when it barely rained for half a day last week? well i managed to find the slipperiest of roads and crash my car (i'm that good)
hence, i was back to buses... bus rides, bus music, and bus drivers driving according to bus logic (apparently any other bus within sight is the enemy and whoever approaches the people standing by the road first gets an extra point or something)

so this here today goes out to my brother, and all those who, like him, have to take a bus (or worse! a minivan!) to work or uni every day... may the force of the hot-chocolate-and-marshmallow cheer you up and keep your karma sane...

ouh and it's raining now!!!(like shar3iyan raining) we can finally start to feel the christmassiness fall upon us!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

my very own personal cliché shopkeeper lady

it's just that she wants what's best for me... i get it... she is spending her days worrying about us young people living on our own... i only wish she had called my mom, it's a waste to have two people worrying about the same thing...

a while back i illustrated a story about a shop-owner (al baqal) but that one was nice and clueless...
and after that brief self-promotion, you should go now... the world awaits something minted-chocolaty today, spread the joy to thousands of old folks with nothing good to watch on tv! (but get your own old folks, huh! don't try to steal my shopkeeper lady!)

and for once, i mean it: cheerz!

Friday, November 12, 2010

shayfou 3al nizam mesh 3am yemshi...

radars have been here less than a week i think, and already they are "busted" (check out this chart with their locations)
and if that is not enough, i heard about an app that does the rest (people basically submit radar locations, other people get notified... t3allam mn kees ghayrak style)

finally, i can't end a post about the radars without referencing this awesome-super-khweit-me-very-like post

so, in conclusion, peace and whipped cream be upon you my friends, may your hearts be filled with the joy of bite-sized raspberry cheesecake, enough of it to get you through the day and onto cocktail hour... and have a nice friday!

Monday, October 25, 2010

pour un flirt avec la crise

good thing Nathy doesn't read my blog (eh eh latshe) cause she would hate to be mentioned in a post that even mentions politics (not that this one really does...) ... but what can i say... she was my inspiration this time! *swoons dramatically*

cheerz y'all! have a wonderful peanut-butter week and caramel kisses to all!!
(and now i need some children blood concentrate to even out all the niceness)

Monday, September 27, 2010

7 things men have in common with unicorns

it's so obvious, and the illustration is so explicit i don't even need to caption it, right?

i stumbled upon this awesome website (<==idghat houna). and as soon as i read this title i knew we were meant to be.
and i love you enough to share it.
and i trust you are worthy to have this empowering tool placed into your hands.

this is for you, fellow blogger, whether you are on your computer at work shaking at the thought of the boss sneaking up behind you, or on your desktop at home at three in the morning, or on your laptop sitting on the toilet seat for way longer than normal (unless it's you paso, in which case i really need to pee)

Sunday, September 5, 2010

and then there is Lisa Cuddy

and it is possible. we can do it all. and even if at some points it gets the best of our sanity. or our blog.

i've been running on overdrive ever since my last post.
but look at it this way: i now have many many things to blog about, many projects i can tell you about! and i promise, there's nothing boring about any of them.

haven't slept in days, so i won't be long...
tomorrow is the opening of Fashion Daze by Made for Beirut and Bachar and i have teamed up to show the world just how dazed we can be.
no wait that was "dazzling"

tomorrow i will show you the making-of and final result of our first eva collaboration (well aside from bachar's self-portrait in uni, his still life projects and most of my sculptures).
for now these are our official pictures for the event, in case you happen to pass by and try to look for us :)

Monday, August 2, 2010

Wednesday: Laser Eyes

mira/myra before and after the laser eye surgery
yes!! it finally happened! i can see!
wednesday i went to the hospital with 12 degrees of myopia and one super-slim cornea.
i left with super-dark, movie-star sunglasses and what is now perfect eyesight.

i was so scared! anno the thought of someone playing around with your eyes is not easy, but, as it turns out it was a really quick simple procedure.
how laser eye surgery goes

i now feel i have superpowers!!laser vision treatment

Sunday, July 25, 2010

is there anybody out there?

yeah i know it's long overdue, but here are some videos from the concert.
interesting thing is they brought the syrian symphonic orchestra (where was the Lebanese one?) and a syrian rapper (well that i understand... he reminded me a lot of Del the Ghost Rapper from the video) anyway, am trying to figure out the words for his rap section... help? anyone?

Gorillaz in Lebanon, miraey! don't go deducing that i spent my time clubbing and attending concerts (and drooling over other 2D people... *sighs*2-D *sighs*)! far from that! i wasn't even able to watch the other major concert of the week (mashrouh leila *more sighs*) because i was (well still am) trying to finish all my work before wednesday...
on that, i shall leave you... till wednesday... fingers crossed for wednesday!!! more about wednesday on wednesday! (or thursday, most probably)

Friday, July 9, 2010

twist and turn

what 24 hours of non-stop work and a life-time obsession with weird evil geniuses do to you.

that and the pile of empty red bull cans, the red eyes and the housemates that can't stand you for no convincing reason.

Monday, July 5, 2010


i love being a freelancer (a person who lances freely).
these days i am overloaded with projects, so i declared monday night to be a nuit blanche.
ok i did go through with it, stayed awake till 6. however i stayed awake catching up on all the gossip with Janine and found myself at 4am unable to get my mind to process any of my projects.
so instead i played around with one of the sketches i did of the Aishti models a week or so ago...

but i'm a freelancer so only the sun can judge me. as for you mortals, may the whipped cream be with you today! peace!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Friday, June 25, 2010

cap ou pas cap?

caption this
caption this!
(yes, am daring you)

Thursday, June 24, 2010

now pose! pose! pose!

Bash tricked me into going with him on a day-long photoshoot in the murderous sun of jiyeh.
it was a looong fashion shoot with 6 models. however it was somewhat beneficial:
  • i learned female models have smaller boobs than mine (just when you thought it was physically impossible)
  • male models sometimes wear women's jeans size 38 hence am not fat
  • i want to become an art director when i grow up
  • people in the fashion work start drinking vodka at 11 am
  • i want to become an art director when i grow up
so i spent some time sketching the shiny happy people...

it was an overall stylish day where i felt cool-chic, trendy, fashionable and oh so perfect.

well almost...

Monday, June 21, 2010

it's finally monday!!!

the Panel of International Judges has convened in the Super-Secret Undisclosed location. and i have no time to report in detail about the selection process because the "fete de la musique 2010" has already begun and the free concerts await me. and because it's a confidential process.
so without further ado, the top 5!! (with their scores over 10)
  • wonderful terribleness of laughter & innocence-----6
  • i can see clearly now, the rain has gone---------------6
  • what is my price?----------------------------------------8.5
  • Too Sexy for Ma Skirt-----------------------------------8.5

and the winner, by decision of the Panel of International Judges (that has convened in the Super-Secret Undisclosed location) is.....
  • "how to change a light bulb" for dummies---------9

congratulations Avo, you win this designer gift presented to you by the P.o.I.J. (please contact the blog administrator for instructions on where to pick it up etc)

The rest of the answers were all so really interesting and inspiring and i am proud of all of you. (yes this is extra encouragement to lift your spirits)
stay tuned for the next challenge this coming friday!

Friday, June 18, 2010


no caption
sometimes around midnight things don't make sense...

ok am too ... erm... what's my excuse again? well whatever who cares... point is, can you come up with a caption for this? something to make it seem like it's actually saying something?
what? what do you get in return? euuuh... well come up with a caption and we'll see...

totally unrelated, my awesome friend Bach (with whom i made a deal) sent me this awesome song. check it out... but i warn you: no matter how tempted you are, lyrics from this song can in no way be used as captions for the above picture!

and may the greatness of bunnies and other fluffiness envelop you tonight.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

placebo rocks!!

well rocked... in Forum de Beirut... yesterday.

and i was prepared to use all my strength to ignore the event while focusing on finishing the new Rani book (more about that later).
but! apparently the universe decided to pay me back for being nice...
at 8:50 a friend suddenly found herself with 2 extra tickets.
at 9:15 a stghuggelling aghteest and her brother entered the awesomeness of the Placebo concert.

yes, i went, i saw, i recorded... and now i share (which means am being nice again, hear that universe?)